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Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas

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Christmas parties designed around small children certainly can renew the excitement of the holiday season. Since Santa and his reindeer often play an important part in the festivities, the following Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas just may inspire you to host a reindeer themed party this year.

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Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas

Set the Mood!

To set the mood you’ll obviously need things such as reindeer decorations and tasty food items. Easy decoration ideas might include a reindeer pinata, helium balloons with reindeer faces are drawn on them, or a North pole welcome sign that greets your guests as they arrive.

Reindeer Candy Bar Favors


Cute Reindeer Candy Bar Favors (pictured above) are a simple DIY and make an adorable addition to any Christmas party tablescape. Guests will love going home with one, two, or three of these cute reindeer favors!

Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas

Dress the Part

Kids love playing dress-up, therefore, help them get into the spirit of things. When sending out invitations, ask each of your guests to wear something reindeer related. Items such as reindeer headbands, reindeer slippers, a kids reindeer sweatshirt, bathrobes that resemble reindeer, and other articles of clothing that highlight the overall reindeer theme. Or, to really dress the part, they may want to wear an entire reindeer costume!

Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas

Face Painting

If you want to take your reindeer party to the next level, consider recruiting that talented someone who likes to do face painting. Most kids love it, but I warn you ahead of time, they may not want to wash their faces for a few days! Lol


Not only do children love to play dress-up, but they also love story time! A fun way to start a reindeer party is to read a funny reindeer story. (Psst… this is a fun way to get a dad or grandpa involved!) 

Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas

Plush Reindeer

Adorable, soft, plush reindeer are a huge hit at a reindeer themed party and can be used as decor, door prizes, or take-home gifts for the game-winners. The kids will LOVE winning and naming a cute plush reindeer!

Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas


What would a Christmas party be without playing a few games? How about a fun reindeer ring toss game, Christmas Bingo, or a quick and easy board game? There are also fun DIY games you can easily make yourself such as: Pin the Nose on Rudolph, a reindeer mini bean bag toss game, or a homemade Santa and his reindeer quiz game.


Most children love making a few easy Christmas crafts.

Here are some great ideas:

Reindeer Food

Obviously, to stay in tip-top shape, reindeer need to drink and eat and so do children. Naturally, Fantastic Red Party Punch, Yummy Hot Chocolate with DIY Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Sticks are the preferred beverages at any holiday party.

Along with refreshing beverages, tasty snacks and scrumptious desserts are also a must!

Check out the list below:

Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas

Reindeer snacks:

Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas

Include the Whole Family

If your pets do not mind having strangers or small children around, then consider including them in on the fun. Dress them in a festive pet reindeer costume too!

Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas

Picture Time!

It’s always a good idea to have a designated area or photo booth where your guests can snap some fun and playful photos. Children love acting goofy while their picture is being taken. Psst… remember to include their parents!

In the end, it seems both young and old enjoy a lighthearted, memorable and Darling Christmas Reindeer Party!

Darling Christmas Reindeer Party Ideas

Merry Christmas!


More great ideas: 

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