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Babybel Reindeer (GF)

Christmas appetizer

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What do you get when you combine Babybel cheese + pretzels + a little candy??? Why you get Babybel Reindeer of course! In addition to being ridiculously easy to assemble, this adorable appetizer can also be created gluten-free.  

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Christmas appetizer

Babybel Reindeer take only a few minutes to make. They are super cute on a serving tray and make a healthy little snack or appetizer

Christmas appetizer First, start by unwrapping your favorite flavor of Babybel cheese.

Christmas appetizer Next, take a knife and make two slits where the reindeer “antlers” will go. I used a sharp knife because it had a pointed tip and I could easily control the size of the slit.

Christmas appetizer Carefully insert a pretzel into the slit in the cheese. (*Babybel cheese is naturally gluten-free but be sure to use gluten-free pretzels!).

Carefully insert the second pretzel. The pretzels will be the “antlers” for the reindeer.

Christmas appetizer Now add drops of icing to secure the candy eyes. I purchased the candies from my local grocery store. (*GF Option: always check the ingredients to make sure the icing and candy are gluten-free!)

babybel reindeer7Add another drop of icing to secure the reindeer nose.

Christmas appetizer

Even very young children can help create Babybel Reindeer. Simply make the slits in the Babybel cheese for them and let them attach the pretzels and candies. The kids may even want to name their reindeer… just like Santa’s!

Christmas appetizer This is a super fun activity to do with the kids or grandchildren, and they are a perfect appetizer for the upcoming holidays. Arrange them on a platter, along with other various appetizers, or make a whole herd of deer! The possibilities are endless!

babybel reindeer 1

There are so many ways to have fun with Babybel cheese. Be sure to check out my Babybel Bunnies!

I hope that you have as much fun making your Babybel Reindeer as I did!

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy, and Fun Holiday Season!


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Thanks for sharing!

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