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Eleven Charming Ways To Use Cookie Cutters This Christmas

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We don’t know about you, but Anna and I love taking a simple, everyday object and using it for an extraordinary purpose. That’s what today’s post is all about. Allow us to demonstrate Eleven Charming Ways To Use Cookie Cutters This Christmas!

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Christmas Cookie Cutter Decor 1

Napkin Rings

First, use Christmas cookie cutters as charming napkin rings. How cute and how easy is this?

Christmas Cookie Cutter Decor 2

Cute Mug Cookies

Secondly, make darling mini butter cookies that hang on the edge of your cup with over the edge cookie cuttersFind a great butter cookie recipe here.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Decor 3


Make homemade candies using Christmas metal cookie cuttersFind a quick and easy cinnamon candy recipe here.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Decor 4


Use snowflake cookie cutters to cut out snowflake-shaped homemade marshmallows to add to your hot chocolate. 

Check out several delicious hot chocolate recipes here

Check out an easy homemade marshmallow tutorial and recipe here. Christmas Cookie Cutter Ideas 10

DIY Gift

Make a batch of mini sugar cookies, place them in a mason jar, add a note and/or the recipe and give as an edible homemade DIY gift. You could also attach a few mini cookie cutters to the jar with a piece of twine as an extra cute touch. Find a great sugar cookie recipe here

Christmas Cookie Cutter Decor 6


With a thin ribbon, tie three different sizes of cookie cutters together and hang them on your Christmas tree, on a fireplace mantel, or hang in a window.

Another idea is to make a DIY Gift Basket and fill it with baking supplies and a set of cookie cutters. Or, tie them onto a Christmas gift with ribbon in place of a bow. 

Christmas Cookie Cutter Decor 7


Make snowflake cookie ornaments for your Christmas tree. Find an easy Christmas cookie ornament recipe here.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Decor 8

Edible Christmas Trees

Make adorable and totally edible Christmas tree centerpieces using a cookie cutter setFind a delicious gingerbread cookie recipe here

Christmas Cookie Cutter Decor 5

Pie Art

Top a pie by using mini cookie cutters to cut fun shapes out of the pie crust. Find a quick and easy 3 ingredient pie crust recipe here.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Ideas 9

Homemade Soap

Make homemade coffee soap then cut out shapes using round cookie cutterswrap several up and give as a wonderful homemade DIY gift. Find a great homemade coffee soap recipe here

Cookie Cutter Wreath

Kitchen Wreath

Finally, make a darling DIY wreath for your kitchen, or as a gift for someone who loves to bake. Tie or hot glue the cutters together forming a circle. Add a festive bow at the top and Ta-Da! A cute wreath that comes together in a matter of minutes. So festive and fun!

Merry Christmas!


For more fun ideas:

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Elf Cookies 2



Christmas Mice Opening Pic

  HERSHEY’S No-Bake Christmas Reindeer Centerpiece

rice crispie reindeer


Festive Popcorn Balls




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