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11 Creative Ways to Serve Pie this Thanksgiving

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With the holidays right around the corner, I once again started thinking about my Thanksgiving menu. One thought led to another and soon I was pondering diverse and clever ways that I could serve pie to our guests this year. Instead of serving pie in the traditional way, why not change things up a bit? Thus, I present to you: 11 Creative Ways to Serve Pie this Thanksgiving!

 homemade pumpkin pie


This Thanksgiving, let your creative juices flow and turn a traditional pie into an amazing work of art! One of the hottest new trends on Pinterest is to use a fondant or mini cookie cutter to make adorable patterns on top of a pie (as seen in the picture above) or around the edge A traditional lattice topping is always fun, as well as a monogrammed topping using alphabet letter cookie cutters. Let your imagination soar and surprise your guests by creating your very own original pie design! Who knows… perhaps your creation might be featured on the cover of a magazine someday!

Creative Ways to Serve Pie This Thanksgiving 2


Create a nostalgic presentation by incorporating a few vintage pieces. All things retro, old-fashioned and vintage are also trending and super popular on Pinterest right now.

Although the picture above is showcasing cakes instead of pies, you can still get a visual of how an heirloom can create a great presentation for desserts. I love the idea of using a vintage pie display rack, an antique sideboard, or an antique display cabinet to display a variety of freshly baked pies. Incorporating a few retro pieces into your presentation may also spark some great conversations over your Thanksgiving dinner as well.

homemade shortbread cookies pops


What could be more fun than eating pie-on-a-stick? Children of all ages will enjoy this special and creative way of serving pie this Thanksgiving. Not only is pie-on-a-stick truly a unique way to serve pie, the serving size is a nice “kid-size” portion. Not too big. Not too little.

Creative Ways to Serve Pie This Thanksgiving 4

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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