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12 Ideas to Help You Snap Out of A Bad Mood

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Sometimes I’m in a bad mood for… honestly, no real reason.

Nothing horrible has happened… I’m just grumpy, and I know it, and I’m annoying myself with my bad mood — not to mention the rest of my family.

It can happen to all of us. Especially to women during certain times of the month, or parents of little kids who are up at night and then sleep-deprived the next day (let’s be honest, every day).

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Soooooo Grumpy!

This was me last week. Every little thing was annoying me and I really wanted to snap out of this bad mood. I sat down and made a list for myself of ways I could turn my day around and start thinking more positively.

I decided to share this list with my readers because everyone has days like this and hopefully this will help you the next time you’re grumpy for no reason.

Maybe some of the things on this list will not work with your situation or personality or maybe it will work one time and not the next. That’s why I tried to include lots of different ideas here.

1. Get Out of the House or Change Your Environment

If I’m home and grumpy then leaving the house is a pretty good way to snap out of my bad mood. Especially, if I’m around other people… I will always act fake-happy around other people and that is usually enough to make me feel real happiness.

2. Take a Shower or Bath

For me, taking a shower means I get a few minutes to myself. The hot water is relaxing and afterward, I feel clean and fresh. Of course, if I have time, a hot bath is especially relaxing with Epson salts, lavender essential oils, or fizzy and delightfully fragrant bath bombs. Why not add a few candles and rose petals for good measure?

In addition, a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, and a relaxing massage also helps my mood.

3. Exercise

Exercising (even a brisk 15-minute workout) helps release endorphins which help improve your mood. This is really the most underrated and least utilized tool to help fight depression and a whole bunch of other medical problems. 

Whether you are going to a gym, walking around your block, or following along with Youtube workout videos, getting your heart rate up and sweating a little can do you a whole lot of good!

4. Pray/Make an “I’m Thankful For…” List

Praying and thanking God for everything that He has provided me with and remembering that Jesus died in my place really helps to put things into perspective. I have no right to be grumpy or complain about anything.

Do everything without grumbling or arguing, 15 so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky 16 as you hold firmly to the word of life. Philippians 2:14-16

In addition to praying, making a list of everything you are thankful can help you feel more appreciative and optimistic. Try to keep things in perspective.

5. Read a Book

Engulfing yourself in a good book can help take you to another world. It’s almost like point #1 where you are mentally leaving your current environment.

Click for the recipe: Rustic Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

6. Eat

Maybe you are just hungry. It’s a real thing. Eat a nutritious meal or a healthy snack. 

7. Watch a Funny TV Show or Your Favorite Movie

Take time out to watch a funny TV show and laugh a little. Just make sure it doesn’t lead you to binge-watching and taking up the entire day.

8. Do Something Fun

Do you enjoy working in a garden, sewing, making DIY crafts, or playing an instrument? Go do that for a while.

Or, surprise your spouse by making their favorite dinner or dessert.

Spend quality time with a family member such as playing a board game, planning a vacation together, or work on creating a surprise romantic stay-at-home date night with that special someone. 

9. Go to Bed

Go to bed early or take a nap. Maybe this is exactly what your body needs right now. I know I can handle issues better when I am fully rested. 

10. Do Something Productive

My husband and mother-in-law prefer to clean and organize when they are stressed. To me, that is totally weird (and also super awesome that my husband cleans!).

Maybe, I’m in a bad mood because my house is a mess and cleaning and organizing it is just what I need to do to fix it. Or, perhaps I’m stressed because I need to take a little time to organize bills.

Click to Read.

11. Avoid Social Media

Sometimes social media can make me laugh or feel excited if I find out one of my friends is pregnant or just got engaged, but that is the exception, not the rule.

The majority of the time social media is just depressing and makes me feel worse. There are negative and depressing headlines or I start to feel jealous or judgmental when looking at other people’s lives through the filter of social media. It is best to just avoid it!

Now to completely contradict this entire point: One time someone on my facebook set their status as “I’ve had a bad day and would love it if you would share your funniest meme in the comments of this post.”

What a wonderful idea to ask friends to share jokes, funny/embarrassing memories, and memes to try to cheer yourself up!

12. Journal

I have a number of different journals, all for different purposes. One journal is just for writing down funny things my kids have said and done. If I’m in a bad mood then reading this for sure will help me snap out of it. Not only am I reminded of hilarious moments but also of how little they once were and how fast they are growing up. Another journal is just for happy moments and gratitude.

Journaling your thoughts might help you work through them. Rereading old journal entries might make you feel better as well.

What do you do to snap out of a bad mood? Have any ideas to add to this list?

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Smiling yet? 


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  • Seana Turner August 21, 2017, 7:51 am
    I think changing the scenery can be very helpful. I'd always vote for outside, except in the cold/dark winter, that really isn't appealing. Sunlight can be a mood lifter, as can chocolate. Another thing that sometimes helps me is to get into a project, especially one that takes a lot of focus and is more "hands on" than intellectual. I agree with avoid social media when you are feeling down... My Profile

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