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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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If you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift this year, you’ll probably find just the thing to make his dad extra special!

Here are a few ideas:

The perfect DIY Gift That Anyone Can Make! The Father’s Day gift below was given to my boss by his 20 year old daughter. It truly is a gift that anyone can make.

Father's Day Gift

For the SPORTS Dad:

Buy him tickets to a game

My husband is a sports guy. He loves, loves, LOVES the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams. It is always so much fun to watch his eyes light-up whenever he has the opportunity to attend a game; like this one between the Cardinals and Yankees on Memorial Day at Bush Stadium.bush stadium

buy him sports MEMORABILIA

Through the years I have surprised him with several different things related to the Cardinals… such as a Cardinal watch, several Cardinal themed pictures, tee-shirts, and even an autographed baseball by Yadier Molina.

Check out these ideas:

buy him sports gear

Does he golf? Play baseball, ride a bike or like to work out?

Check out these ideas:

For the MUSIC lover:


My son found a vinyl record album that he really liked and framed it. He now uses this as a piece of art on his wall.
wall art
You can find many vintage and inexpensive items at garage sales, thrift stores, specialty stores, or ask your family and friends if they have what you are looking for.

Check out these ideas:

buy him cool music stuff

If music is a big part of his life then he will probably appreciate a good set of head phones, ear buds, a gift card to iTunes, a vintage album, etc…

Check out these ideas:

For the FOODIE:

make him a meal

Ribs 9Recipe Ideas:

and his favorite dessert

chocolate chip cookies6

Recipe Ideas:

Check out these ideas:

For the TOOL Dad:

What guy doesn’t like toys… um, I mean tools?  Any guy I know has a few tools on hand, even if he isn’t that handy with them.

Check out these ideas:

For the TECHIE Dad:

In today’s world, gadgets are almost a necessary, everyday items.  From phones, to tablets, computers, GPS, to sound systems, and much, much more. These things can be super helpful in our every day lives and they can be fun to to play with.

Check out these ideas:

For the OUTDOOR Dad: 

Make wall art out of one of their favorite outdoor photos

Last fall my sons, Isaac and Ben, went on a mini-vacation together. They met up and went camping in the Grand Canyon. They had a blast! Of course they took a bunch of super neat photos. Ben recently told me that he had a canvas print made out of one of the panoramic pictures he had taken while in the canyon. He had a quote placed at the top of the canvas and it has become a very personal work of art.panoramic grand canyon

Buy them outdoor / hunting / sports gear.

Since my son, Isaac, and his wife like to camp, they often times receive camping equipment for gifts. One Christmas, Isaac received a cast-iron cooking skillet that they use to cook their meals over an open fire.

Check out these ideas:

Fishing equipment

Check out these ideas:

hunting equipment

Check out these ideas:

For the CAR Dad:

take him to a car show

There are many areas around the country that have car shows during Father’s Day weekend.  Often times they are the old vintage cars, however, often times they have futuristic cars as well.

car show

Check out these ideas:



Last year, my son Ben, uploaded a bunch of old photos from my Dad. They were pictures of my Dad when he was in the Air Force. Ben made a collage of these photos and then turned several of them into a canvas print through Shutterfly and gave it to my Dad as a gift. Needless to say, my Dad loves it and what a thoughtful and personalized gift!air force college
Last year my daughter, Anna, gave her husband, Seth, a triple picture frame with a picture of him and each of their 3 children when they were a baby.

frame old magazines

life magazines

Don’t forget to add a sentimental letter

Give a great article of clothing

Clothing Ideas:

For the Dad who likes to travel:

surprise him with a trip to visit a brewery or winery

Many brewery’s and winery’s give tours.  Some tours are free, or there may be a minimal cost, and usually they have a taste sampling at the end of the tour.



A lot of guys like history so why not take a road trip and visit a few historical places?

abraham Lincoln


You can find all kinds of wonderful museums across this country. I have personally been to many different kinds, such as Art, Sports, Historical, Music, Car, Presidential and many, many more. I have even been to a Miniature Museum where everything was super tiny. So many great places to visit.



Take Dad on a relaxing drive through the countryside and stop and visit unique sites, shops and eating places.

covered bridge

For the Dad who has EVERYTHING:

Buy him a few months worth of razors or even a whole year!
Dollar Shave Club has super cheap razors! 


Shop Amazon – Father’s Day Gift Cards 

If you are looking for gift ideas for a father-to-be be sure to check out these suggestions! 

baby gifts for a man

I hope we have been helpful to you in your search for the perfect Father’s day gift!



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