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Babybel Bunnies


Babybel Bunnies are an adorable way to add a little cuteness to any party!

babybel bunniesIt all began with cheese…

With a holiday coming up, I decided that I wanted to be creative and make something fun for Easter. I knew that I had some Babybel cheese in my refrigerator and decided that these would be perfect as an appetizer. I usually have a variety of fresh produce on hand, as well as baking supplies. Therefore, looked around my kitchen for ways to turn these cute little round mounds of cheesy goodness into something fun to create and to eat! In addition, Babybel Bunnies make a cute addition to our Easter tablescape.

babybel bunnies

Here are all the ingredients I used

I used just a few items to make these little bunnies. Babybel cheese, a couple carrots, part of a celery stock, mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and mini candy hearts.

To make the ears: Carefully cut long strips of carrots and shape them to make bunny ears. Make the ears wider at the top and more narrow at the bottom.

babybel bunnies

The bunny ears were made from carrots

I had a tiny, mini heart shaped cookie cutter so I cut thin round pieces of carrot and punched out little heart shapes to make the bunny noses. After you cut the nose out, place the leftover carrot slice in a bowl of water. (I will explain how to use this later). If you do not have a heart shaped mini cutter you can always use a small circle of carrot instead. 

babybel bunnies

I punched a heart shape out of thinly sliced carrots, for the nose.

Gently push the carrot strips into the top and towards the back of the ‘head’ of the cheese and gently push the little heart noses into the center.

babybellbunnies16Next, take a toothpick and poke two holes where the eyes will be and place a mini chocolate chip, (pointed side downward), into each hole for the eyes. Add two white chocolate chips on each side of the bottom of the nose. You can use a dot of white cake frosting to hold them in place. 

Babyebel bunnies

Mini chocolate chips create eyes and white chocolate chips create cheeks.

For the final touch, add a little tiny, upside-down, candy heart for the bunny’s mouth. I had these candies left over from Valentine’s Day and they worked perfectly for the mouth. Remember that you can use just a dot of cake frosting to hold the mouth in place. Finally, cut super fine, thin little strips of celery and gently insert them near the nose to make the whiskers.

babybel bunnies

Thinly cut celery was used for the whiskers.

I wanted to highlight one of the bunnies so I placed him on top of a Chocolate Crunch Rice Cake in the center of the plate, and surrounded him with all of his little bunny friends 🙂

To ensure that your bunnies look their very best, assemble them just a few hours beforehand and keep them covered in the refrigerator.  You can have your carrot and celery pieces ready beforehand. Keep them in a small glass bowl, covered with cold water. This will help them to stay crisp and not dry out. Babyebel bunnies

The leftover carrot pieces add a nice touch to a tossed salad, in soup, on a veggie tray, or simply let the kiddos eat them plain.

Babyebel bunniesThis BabyBel Bunnies post has been featured in the Easter edition of Woman’s World on newsstands March 27th – April 1st., 2015.

Woman's World 1

Woman's World 2

I hope that you enjoy these fun little critters! God’s richest blessing on you and your family!


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babybelbunnies long

About the author: Linda and Anna are a mother-daughter team that enjoy cooking, crafting and sharing advice with each other. Here they enjoy sharing all their new recipes and ideas with their readers.

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