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Easy Peasy Halloween Decorations

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The holidays can get pretty crazy and decorating can become a chore. Therefore, let me help by introducing you to some Easy Peasy Halloween Decorations! Your home will look awesome and you won’t even need a nap by the end of it!

Trick-Or-Treat 1

My idea of decorating for Halloween is not dusting for a whole month! Haha–who’s with me?

Okay, I’ll admit the only reason I decorate for most holidays is because I have little kids and I don’t want to be a Scrooge (for any holiday). I’m all about making memories!

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Easy Peasy Halloween Decorations 4

Pumpkins and gourds are probably the easiest way to decorate for Halloween and fall! Other easy peasy Halloween decorations are more natural items. Pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, nuts, and berries are inexpensive or free and make fabulous decor. In addition, you can literally set them anywhere!

Easy Peasy Halloween Decorations 2

Stick or glue googly eyes on just about anything and BAM you just made a monster!

pumpkins for halloween

Have a little fun carving pumpkins or simply set them around your house. Either way, pumpkins are a super easy way to make your home look festive.Easy Peasy Halloween Decorations 3

Did you know you can buy Halloween lights that are just like Christmas lights but orange? Get a string or two of these and your home will look spooky in no time!

Make an Easy, Creepy DIY Halloween wreath! Find the decorations for this one here.

Of course, if crafting isn’t your thing, you can easily find one on Amazon or in your local home decor store.

Drape fake cob-webs on your mantel, across door frames, or on your front porch.

Throw some fall themed throw pillows on your sofa!  And when you are done, lay down and put your feet up! I told you this was easy peasy!

Have a staircase or fireplace mantel? Add some fun Halloween garland!

Do one or do them all and your home is Halloween ready!

Happy Halloween!!


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