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DIY Pumpkin Monster Babies

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Okay… So Halloween is near and it’s that time of year when there are creepy, crawly thingy’s coming out of the woodwork. In today’s post, instead of featuring something spooky and scary, we are featuring cute DIY Pumpkin Monster Babies!!!

These DIY Monster Babies are super easy, inexpensive, and fun for kids of all ages to make. They can use their imagination and make their very own individualized monster baby!

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pumpkin monster

One day this week, I ventured into one of those fabulous dollar stores to pick up some paper plates. While I was shopping, I noticed they had these tiny little display pumpkins priced at $1 each. I ended up buying three and thought I might use them somewhere in my fall home decor. However, I started thinking to myself, “Self… what fun creations can you make with these great little thingy’s?” These little pumpkins fit in the palm of my hand and weigh about as much as 3 cotton balls. Perfect! Just perfect for a kids craft project. Thus, Monster Babies were born!

Now… on to the next purchase…

pumpkin craftI purchased several different colors of craft felt for this project. Each sheet of felt cost a whopping 39 cents each. (Yay! I can create a whole ARMY of Monster Babies now!!!), a package of medium sized googly eyes and a small package of bright orange tiny pom poms.

I cut out two different sizes of ‘egg’ shapes with the craft felt and hot-glued the larger size ‘egg’ shaped felt onto the pumpkin first. Then I glued the smaller piece of craft felt on top of the first piece. Next, I glued googly eyes on top of both pieces of craft felt and added eyebrows to one pumpkin.

pumpkin feltBecause I wanted to give each DIY Pumpkin Monster Baby a nose, I used a dab of hot-glue to secure an orange pom on each pumpkin.

pumkin eyesAlthough I thought these little DIY Pumpkin Monster Babies were cute, I wanted to add one more element to completely turn them into fun “Monsters!” Therefore, I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and for just a few dollars I purchased a cute straw hat and a couple of fuzzy hair clips.

straw hatI also added three feathers to the straw hat. I didn’t need to glue these because I could easily stick them in between the woven straw.

feather clipsThe addition of colorful feather puffs attached to hair clips gave the DIY Pumpkin Monster Babies personalities.

pumpkin monstersTo give the DIY Pumpkin Monster Babies hair, I simply clipped the hair clip to the pumpkin stem.

pumpkin monsters2Now the “hair” can easily be taken off, colors changed, or a hat added. Totally interchangeable and kids will love having that option. They can have their very own Monster Babies Fashion Show!

pumpkin monsters 4I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had creating these cute little guys. However, I think I had more fun taking pictures of them and changing out their hair! lol

DIY Pumpkin Monster Babies

Each Pumpkin Monster Baby cost less me around $3 to make, so this is a fun and inexpensive craft for little people to make. *If they are not old enough to use a hot-glue gun just have them use craft glue instead.

Have fun making your very own Monster Babies!

Happy Halloween!


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