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Easy DIY Fall Wreath

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Fall is in the air! Therefore it’s time to make a colorful, bright and inexpensive DIY Fall Wreath!   

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Easy DIY Fall Wreath (1)

I am one of those people who loves fall. I love seeing all of the beautiful leafs changing colors, the cooler weather so I can wear a hooded pullover, gatherings around a toasty warm bonfire, making big pots of chili soup and hot chocolate, watching the farmers harvest their crops, and so much more. 

Since fall colors are so spectacular I love to bring a touch of them inside our home. One of the easiest ways for me to do that is to assemble a beautiful fall wreath. Last year I assembled a DIY Fall Burlap Wreath which I absolutely love, love, love

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath

This year I made a new wreath within a thirty-minute time frame. Because this wreath is a DIY project it cost a fraction of the price of a pre-made, store-bought fall wreath, especially if you purchase your supplies on sale. 

I ran into our local Hobby Lobby store last week and while I was shopping I noticed that they were having a great 40% – 50% off of all of their fall floral supplies. Well “Hello there my pretty!” It seems like we have a gazillion doors in our home so I couldn’t resist picking up a few things to make another fall wreath. This one is made with a simple 12-inch grapevine wreath, craft fall foliage and some Burlap Ribbon with Lace

DIY Fall Wreath 3The wreath assembly starts by using a small wire cutter to separate the fall folage from the main “stem” or wire. I left enough base wire on each section of foliage so that it could easily be stuck into the grapevine wreath. 

DIY Fall Wreath 2

Next, I gently inserted the wire “stem” into the grapevine wreath. Since the stem was long enough it didn’t need to be secured with any additional wire. It simply stayed where I placed it.

DIY Fall Wreath 4I added several different kinds of fall foliage, including cute little mini pumpkins and mini pinecones. 

DIY Fall Wreath 6

I kept snipping and tucking the various fall foliage into the grapevine wreath (covering most of it) however, I did leave a space to place a bow.

DIY Fall Wreath 7

To make the bow I used a 9-foot spool of burlap/lace ribbon. This burlap ribbon had tiny wires on each end which helps keep the loops looking full and fluffed.  To see how to make a ribbon you can refer back to my DIY Fall Burlap Wreath post for a picture tutorial. 

DIY Fall Wreath 9

The final touch to the bow was to cut the two ends and opposite diagonal angles. 

DIY Fall Wreath 14

DIY Fall Wreath 10

You can certainly use whatever kind of colorful fall foliage you like to make an Easy DIY Fall Wreath. Just make sure that you have enough “wire stem” on each section when you separate them from the main “stem.” That way you shouldn’t need to use any additional wire to attach each section to the grapevine. 

DIY Fall Wreath 11

I only used a 6-inch piece of floral wire to secure the burlap bow to the grapevine. Because the grapevine held each floral foliage section securely there was no need for extra wiring. This is why I was able to construct this wreath in only 30 minutes.

DIY Fall Wreath 12

This colorful wreath is a striking contrast to the white door. 

DIY Fall Wreath 13

This gorgeous wreath truly is truly one of the easiest wreaths I have ever made. It would make a wonderful DIY project for your own decor or a lovely DIY gift for someone you love. 

DIY Fall Wreath

Do you have a favorite DIY fall craft?

Happy fall!


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  • Pat October 23, 2016, 7:27 pm
    look making wreaths, your are the greatest !
    • Blessed Beyond Crazy October 23, 2016, 7:52 pm
      Thanks Pat! Linda

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