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15 Summer Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Probably the majority of couples I know are saving up for something big, such as a new home, (or trying to pay one off), an upcoming wedding, a new baby, a new vehicle, etc… Even though you may be on a tight budget, you can still enjoy going on a fun date with your love. Whether you are married or still in the dating stage, finding fun and economical activities to do together as a couple can sometimes be challenging. Check out the following summer date ideas.

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Smiling teen cyclists pointing and standing

First, you don’t need to be an avid cyclist to enjoy a scenic, leisurely bike ride with your love. Many cities have incorporated beautiful and free walking and bike trails for people to enjoy. In addition, many trails stretch for miles and miles and some are so long that they actually connect one city to another. Also,  remember to take plenty of water, snacks and suitable clothing for a fun day of cycling! You’ll probably want to stop for a romantic picnic lunch somewhere along the way. style= style=

Here’s a great article titled: The Best Bike Ride in Every State where you can find great cycling routes in all 50 states. If you don’t own a bicycle, have no fear! You can probably rent a bike locally, or rent a bike through RentaBikeNow.

Young hikers couple sitting on rock by the lake

Hiking is another fun and inexpensive summer date idea, plus it’s another great way to get exercise. Hike in a local city park or visit one of the many gorgeous National parks. Most have beautiful hiking trails where you can see breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

Be prepared by wearing steady footwear, stay hydrated, stay on an established trail, take along snacks, and carry a flashlight and making sure that someone knows your location. If you are a hiking beginner, you should learn basic Hiking Safety Tips before you start your journey. style=

Happy camping couple with tent backpack in sunny countryside

Get away from all of the hustle and bustle of life and camp in the great outdoors! Relax around an open campfire, gaze up at the stars, enjoy primitive cooking, tell stories and create some fond memories that you’ll talk about for years to come.

You might consider investing in an economical tent and a few inexpensive camping supplies. That way you will have the basic things you need to slip away again sometime. Camping fees are usually minimal and a nice camp spot is usually easy to find.  style=

 style=Young couple jogging in park at morning. Health and fitness.

Yes, exercising is included in this list! Many couples love exercising together. Whether it’s jogging, lifting weights, doing aerobics, playing sports, etc… Exercise is a great bonding tool for couples. Not only does it help stress melt away, it gets all of those endorphins flowing! Plus, you may get a little healthy competition going between you (wink, wink)!

 style=happy young romantic couple in love have fun on beautiful beach at beautiful summer day

Next, put “Spend a day at the beach” on your “bucket list” of things to do. There’s something ultra-relaxing about watching and/or frolicking in rolling ocean waves, plus it’s totally free! You might even see some wild sea-life! Take along your favorite beverages and snacks, some sunscreen and remember to collect a few seashells and sand, along with a tiny message in a bottle as a reminder of your time together. 

 style= style= style=happy young romantic couple in love have fun running and relaxing on beautiful beach

If the beach isn’t at your fingertips, perhaps you have access to a nice pool. Catch a few rays, play a few pool games and relax sipping on yummy poolside cocktails. No agenda’s needed. 

 style=happy young couple in love have romantic time at summer sunset at ship boat while representing urban and countryside fashin lifestyle

I live near a river. Every weekend during the summer months you can find couples boating up and down the river. Usually, there are some really good Ma’ & Pa’ restaurants near boating docks where you can grab a bite to eat. Many couples enjoy fishing and/or water skiing as well.

If renting a boat isn’t in your budget, consider spending a day at a park with a lake. Many parks offer inexpensive paddle-boat, canoe or rowboat rentals for a fun day on the water. 

 style=31060251 - message in the bottle on island seashore beach sand

This next tip on our list of 15 Summer Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget requires some creativity and just a little preparation. Create a checklist of items for each other to find on a scavenger hunt! Items such as a feather, a sparkly rock, a pine cone, a butterfly, a seashell, a penny, etc…

Furthermore, set a time-frame and see how many items your partner can find, then reverse roles. If the items are small, collect them in a message bottle and display them on a shelf or mantel at home as a visual reminder of your special date.

happy young romantic couple looking photos on camera

Grab your camera and spend a day together taking photos of various scenic views or landmarks. Print out your favorite photos and find unique ways to display your photos without having to buy a frame. Another idea is to make a picture collage with your photos or try to spell out your name using various photos to create letter art. Here is an example:  style=Happy girl making selfie with her boyfriend near by

Visit historical sites and/or a museum. Grab your mobile phone and take selfies of all the places you visit. Later you can create a photo album or short mini film of your time together and upload it to your favorite social media sites.

 style=Basket with bottle, bread and grapes on background of cheering friends

Spend the day touring a vineyard and winery. Many wineries offer free samples of their formulations. Once you find your favorite flavor, purchase a bottle, grab a picnic basket and sandwiches and enjoy a tasty picnic lunch. 

Image of young African couple networking at home

Spend time with your partner planning your next vacation, designing your dream home, designs for a baby nursery, your next car, your dream outdoor kitchen, and backyard pool, etc…  Consequently, make a bucket list of things you want to do or places you would love to visit someday. 

Urban stylish trendy young teenage people with dog

Visit your local pet store and purchase a few new pet toys, then spend quality time together playing with your pets. Go for a long walk or spend a day at the park. Also, check out recipes on Pinterest and create your own homemade DIY dog treats. Furthermore, some parks feature a nice “Putt-Putt” or a “Disk Golf” course where you can snatch a little low-key exercise. style=

Portrait of young woman cooking salad with her husband near by

Another 15 Budget Friendly Summertime Date Ideas is to go shopping for fresh produce at a local farmers market. Next, spend time cooking a meal together. 

Image of young guy and his girlfriend having nice time at home

Watch your favorite romantic movie together. As a result, you might find some romance with your love. (Wink, wink). 

 style=15 Summer Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Finally, have fun with the one you love this summer! 

Ooh, la la! 


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  • What awesome ideas! My hubby and I love to talk and design our dream whatever it may be. We moved into a new house in December and have been talking about what we will plan for the backyard! It's a fun thing to chat about =) Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife recently posted...Weekly Meal Plan – Week 35My Profile
    • Blessed Beyond Crazy July 6, 2016, 8:03 pm
      Hey Jennie, Yay, that's so awesome! I'm glad to hear that you and your hubby are designing and planning your dream home together! It's always great to have quality time together and tossing around ideas. Have fun! Linda

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