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Unique Ways to Light Up a Nursery

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When soon-to-be parents design a baby’s nursery they often neglect one thing, the lighting. Space that emits tranquility can make a remarkable difference in the overall ambiance of any home. Your choice of lighting is one way to create this calm, peaceful environment. Before you begin your design, let’s look at unique ways to light up your baby’s nursery.

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What is sweeter than a peacefully sleeping newborn baby? Years ago, I remember as a young mother going into my baby’s room and just standing there, marveling at my precious little angel. I so badly wanted to soak up those moments because I knew it wouldn’t be long before my child wasn’t a baby anymore. That’s one reason why I kept a nightlight in the room. It was nice being able to slip in and out of the room quietly while checking on my child as they slept.

There are many playful unique nursery nightlights to choose from such as a kitten, a water drop, a rain cloud, an old-fashioned milk bottle, a baby bluebird and a baby elephant just to name a few. Motion sensor night lights are also a great option.

Light Fixtures

Unique hanging light fixtures are another way to add visual interest and light up a nursery. For a baby boy’s room consider a vintage airplane light fixture, train or racecar. A chic mini chandelier or a pendant light that resembles the sun, moon and stars are perfect for a baby girl’s room and can quickly add a bit of sparkle.


Charming nursery lamps come in many fun shapes and sizes such as a hot air balloon lamp, a cute yellow elephant, a racecar, or a dinosaur. Nursery touch lamps are great for those moments when your hands are full and you aren’t able to flip a switch.

Visual Interest

Unique wall light fixtures are an easy way to add visual interest and focal point to any room, including the nursery. A dimmer switch helps create soft illumination of the room and may also be used as a nightlight. In addition, since babies love bright, cheery pictures, you may also consider displaying pieces of lighted canvas artwork throughout the room.

Unique Ways to Light Up a Nursery

Marquee Lights

Another unique way to light up a nursery and give it some character is the use of marquee lights. Individual marquee letters allow you to spell words (such as Baby), your child’s name, or perhaps just their initials. Marquee signs also come in other shapes such as a butterfly, unicorn, crown, star, anchor, animal shapes, and more.

Twinkle Lights

Little ones love twinkle lights so why not incorporate them into your nursery decor? Twinkle lights are inexpensive and a great way to add soft lighting to the room. In addition, string lights are moveable and therefore can be used for other things such as a backdrop for birthday parties or photo ops.

Unique Ways to Light Up A Nursery

Which lighting options you use?


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  • Maria Josephine April 8, 2020, 9:25 am
    I read your article and got some very good ideas about light up a nursery. Really it's a very unique way to light up a nursery I totally agree with your ideas. I hope these ways help to light up my nursery. Thanks for sharing. My Profile

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