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Create a Romantic Bedroom Escape

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Not only should a bedroom be a place of great comfort and relaxation, but it should also be a place where romantic sparks can fly. An environment that is free from distraction (such as televisions, computers and cell phones) and enhancing a few romantic touches in your bedroom decor can help get those flames burning bright. Let’s take a look at how we can Create a Romantic Bedroom Escape, right in our very own home!

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Okay, now let’s take a look at how to create a romantic bedroom escape!



Soft lighting is a key factor in creating a romantic atmosphere. Flickering candles create a sensual ambiance, while lanterns create an exotic glow. Lights placed on a dimmer switch will allow you to dim the light easily whenever you wish. Hang a few twinkle lights for an added touch.

Romantic Bedroom Escape

Add a Canopy

Create a magical cocoon around your bed with a gorgeous canopy. Consider brightly colored veil fabrics for an Asian-inspired look, netting for a safari style, or luxury fabrics for a Victorian element. You can purchase a romantic bedroom canopy or make it a DIY project. Purchase sheer drapery panels or several yards of sheer fabric or netting. Hand the sheer material from wire ropes threaded through eye-hooks in the ceiling or drape it over a framed four corner post bed.


Bring a relaxing fragrance into your bedroom with incense, scented candles or potpourri. Spray a bit of your favorite perfume or cologne onto your linens and keep a small scented sachet in your lingerie drawer.

Romantic bedroom

The Bed

Part of romance is being comfortable and enjoying the space you are in. Invest in a bed that not only fits your style but one that is cozy and inviting. Sleigh, canopy or four corner post bed help make the room interesting and server as a great focal point.

Comfortable Bedding

Nothing makes a bedroom more inviting than a stack of soft, warm and plush throw pillows. Using a variety of fabrics in your bedding is a wonderful way to add visual interest and depth to a romantic bedroom. A handmade quilt brings a bit of old-fashioned romance and comfort to the bedroom, while satin sheets are extremely sexy.

Photo Credit: Gavin Whitner


Romantic and seductive music can certainly help set the right mood. Create a playlist of all your favorite love songs and keep them close at hand. Start a collection of vintage-inspired love songs.


A few strategically placed mirrors and/or mirror furniture can add to the beauty and romance of the bedroom. Mirrors not only reflect the soft glow of your lighting, but they also add a touch of sparkle and sexiness to your bedroom.

bedroom escape

A Touch of Nature

A soothing waterfall or fountain has a calming effect and fits perfectly into any romantic bedroom decor. An aquarium full of beautiful fish, a vase full of fresh flowers, or a lovely green plant will bring a touch of nature into your bedroom.

Create a Romantic Bedroom Escape

Creating a romantic bedroom is not about how much money you spend, it’s about how you put it all together. Use your creativity and you will create an inviting and cozy romantic escape right in your very own home!

How will you create a romantic bedroom escape?

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