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Frozen Parfaits You Can Literally Make In 2 Minutes

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It’s hot outside and time to make these amazingly simple Frozen Parfaits You can Literally make in 2 Minutes. Because the flavor and combination choices are endless, you’ll never get bored!!! PLUS… you can make them days in advance. Simply grab one out of the freezer whenever you are ready for a scrumptious treat, or for those times when unexpected guest show up at your door!  Seriously! How awesome is that? 

2 Minute Frozen Parfaits

These frozen parfaits are a great way to use up some leftovers, such as little dabs of candies, cookies, some fresh fruit or even that lonely, single cupcake leftover from dessert last night.


First of all, I raided my pantry and found a hand-full of topping ingredients here, and a hand-full there. I also had leftover angel food cake and chocolate cupcakes in my freezer from several parties we hosted a few weeks ago.

Perfect! Let’s get this parfait party started!

2 Minute Frozen Parfaits (1)

It’s easy to tweak the ingredients to suite any special dietary needs or restrictions. You can easily create any parfait to be dairy-free, low-fat, low-carb, vegan or Paleo; simply modify your ingredients. 

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What ingredients would you use to create your own flavors of frozen parfaits?


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