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Easter Egg Bunnies


Looking for a quick DIY Easter craft? Look no further! Ladies and gentlemen… let me introduce you to Easter Egg Bunnies!

Easter Egg Bunnies 17

A few days ago I was in a creative mood, probably because I was thinking about the upcoming Easter weekend. I really wanted to make something quick and easy, yet cute, so Easter Egg Bunnies were born! You will need: 

  • 4 empty regular sized plastic Easter eggs
  • 8 small craft google eyes
  • 4 long white pipe cleaners 
  • 4 (4 x 6) size craft paper, (or paint sample chips), in various shades of pink/rose  
  • 3 cotton balls
  • Craft glitter
  • 4 (1/4″) diameter pink pom poms
  • Craft glue or hot glue sticks & hot glue gun

Easter Egg Bunnies 6

After gathering all of my supplies I started to assemble the bunnies. The first step was to make bunny ears. I drew an ear on the back of one of the pink papers then cut it out. Using the first ear, I traced it on the back of the same paper and cut out another ear. Make all of the bunny ears by repeating this process.

To give each bunny character I used three different shades of pink/rose paper to create the ears and feet. You can make the ears any size or shape that you want.

In addition, each bunny had character because I used three different shades of pink/rose paper to create the ears and feet. You can make the ears any size or shape that you want.

Easter Egg Bunnies 7

For the next step, I used white pipe cleaners to cover the outer edges of the bunny ears. The pipe cleaners were cut to size and hot glued to the pink bunny ear. (I used one pipe cleaner per two ears). You can use craft glue instead of hot glue if children are helping. It just may take longer to dry. 

Easter Egg Bunnies 8

In addition, I smeared hot glue to the center of each ear and quickly added a dusting of glitter

Easter Egg Bunnies 9

The Easter Egg Bunnies feet were made just like the ears. With the scraps of pink/rose paper, I cut out tiny little “pads” for the bunny feet and also added small pieces of a cotton ball. These were attached to the feet with a small dot of hot glue.

Easter Egg Bunnies 10

I used a permanent marker to draw lines to divide the “toes” of each bunny foot. 

Easter Egg Bunnies 12

 Now comes the fun part! Assembling the bunnies! A dollop of hot glue was used to attach the bunny ears, feet, and eyes. 

Easter Egg Bunnies 18

A bunny would not be a bunny without a fluffy tail!!! I used half of a cotton ball for each tail and attached it with hot glue.

Easter Egg Bunnies 13

These are what the bunnies look like without noses. The bunnies are cute just like this, but in the end, I decided to add a tiny pink craft pom pom for a nose.

Easter Egg Bunnies 1

 Here is the completed bunny family. (Noses included!)

Easter Egg Bunnies 15

I can’t decide if I had more fun making these Easter Egg Bunnies or taking pictures of them!!! 

Easter Egg Bunnies 16

 These cute little bunnies could also work well for baby shower decor too. 

Easter Egg Bunnies 14

 Fill the Easter Egg Bunnies with candy and watch the kid’s eyes light up when they find them!

 Here’s to a hip-pity hoppity Happy Easter!


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