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Easter Egg Bunnies

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Easter Egg Bunnies are an easy DIY craft that kids of all ages will enjoy creating. These charming little bunnies add a fun element to any Easter decor.  

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A few days ago I was in a creative mood, probably because I was thinking about the upcoming Easter weekend. I really wanted to make something quick and easy, yet cute, so Easter Egg Bunnies were born!

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Easter Egg Bunnies 6

First, draw the shape of an ear on pink construction paper and cut it out. Next, use this ear to trace the second ear and cut it out. Make all of the bunny ears by repeating this process. 

Easter Egg Bunnies 7

Next, cut a pipe cleaner just long enough to wrap around the outside edge and glue it in place. (To speed up the process, use a hot glue gun instead of craft glue.)

Easter Egg Bunnies 8

Smear a small amount of glue in the center of each ear and add a small amount of glitter.

Easter Egg Bunnies 9

The Easter Egg Bunnies feet are made just like the ears. Using scraps of pink paper, cut out tiny little “pads” for the bunny feet and glue on small pieces of cotton balls. 

Easter Egg Bunnies 10

Use a marker and draw lines to highlight “toes” on the feet. 

Easter Egg Bunnies 12

 Now comes the fun part. Assembling the bunnies! Attach the bunny ears, feet, and eyes by using a small drop of glue. 

Easter Egg Bunnies 18

A bunny would not be a bunny without a fluffy tail!!! Use half of a cotton ball for each tail, again attaching them with a drop of glue.

Easter Egg Bunnies 13The picture above is what bunnies look like without noses. The bunnies are cute just like this, however, you can also add a tiny pink craft pom as a nose.

Easter Egg Bunnies 1

 Here is the completed bunny family. (Noses included!)

Easter Egg Bunnies 15

I can’t decide if I had more fun making these Easter Egg Bunnies or taking pictures of them. 

Easter Egg Bunnies 16

Fill the Easter Egg Bunnies with candy and watch the kid’s eyes light up when they find them!

 Have a hip-pity hoppity Happy Easter!


 These cute little bunnies could also work well for baby shower decor too! 

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Thanks for sharing!

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