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DIY Patriotic Burlap Wreath

A rustic burlap wreath is both super popular and super easy to make and is a lovely addition to any patriotic decor.

patriotic wreath USA 4th of JulyI have always liked a pretty burlap wreath. However, I have never made one until now. The rustic charm of burlap, in addition to the vintage-flair, lends itself well to almost any decor.

I started with a round wire wreath, 3 rolls (5″ x 10 yards), of burlap garland and bow, several patriotic embellishments and a roll of thin craft wire.

burlap wreath4After gathering all of my supplies, I began by cutting 4″ strips of wire. Next, I made a loop with the burlap, wrapped the wire around the bottom of the loop and twisted the wire to secure it.

burlap wreath5Next, the ends of the wire were wrapped around the wire frame and twisted to secure the burlap loop in place.

Wrap the ends of the wire around the wire frame to hold the burlap on the wire frame.

Wrap the ends of the wire around the wire frame to hold the burlap on the wire frame.

Continue wrapping and securing the burlap loops onto the wire frame. Make the loops as big, or as small, as you like.

burlap wreath1Cover the entire wire framework with the burlap loops.

burlap wreath2Attach your choice of patriotic embellishments to the wreath with more strips of thin wire or by using dots of hot glue.

burlap wreath3I added a few more embellishments to balance the entire look. The USA letters cost $3 and a small bottle of red craft paint for 50 cents.

burlap wreathI already had the metal blue star on hand and thought it would make a great addition. The letters and the blue metal star were attached with just a few drops of hot glue.

patriotic 4th of july wreath

This wreath was easy to make and took just a couple of hours to construct.

4th of July patriotic wreath

Below is an adorable 4th of July Wreath that Anna made.

patriotic wreath Happy 4th of July 🙂

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