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Cheery Sunshine Themed Ideas

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Sometimes life is hard. While there are many joys in life, it seems there are certainly times when it’s easy to feel sad or depressed. If you know someone who needs a little boost of happiness, then this post is for you! Cheery Sunshine Themed Ideas may help put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day. 

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Happy lady displaying Cheery Sunshine Themed Ideas

It’s no secret that the word sunshine is associated with joy and contentment. Sunshine is also often used as a nickname for someone who has a positive, upbeat attitude. Probably because this person reminds us of a warm ray of sunshine. 

Sunny view of Cheery Sunshine Themed Ideas

The following Cheery Sunshine Themed Ideas are easy and fun ways to show someone you care. 

Since the sun rises in the morning, let’s start with a sunshine breakfast.  

Sunshine Pancake!

Sunshine Pancakes are made by using a single pancake. Next, add two slices of banana for eyes and two blueberries for pupils. A red grape works well for a nose and strawberries slices represent cheeks. A touch of melted chocolate makes eyebrows and mouth. Now, brown slices of banana in a skillet and place them around the pancake. Ta Da! You have just created a Sunshine Pancake! 

Citrus fruit for Cheery Sunshine Themed Ideas

Similarly, vibrant colors of yellow and orange citrus fruits are also associated with feelings of happiness, excitement, warmth, health, and prosperity. No wonder people of all ages love sipping on colorful “sunshine” drinks!

“Sunny Days” Smoothie Bowl Recipe by Creative Green Living 

Orange Ginger Sunshine Smoothie by The Schmidty Wife 

Refreshing Orange Smoothies by Blessed Beyond Crazy 

Caribbean Sunshine Smoothie by Tastefulventure 
Singing Canary Cocktail by Whole New Mom 

Sunshine Fruit Plate with Healthy Fruit Dip by Thrifty Jinxy 
Sunshine Jello by Clean Eating Kitchen 
Sunshine Salad by Simply Stacie 
Sunshine Turmeric Potato Salad by Heartbeet Kitchen 
Sunshine Cake by Blessed Beyond Crazy 
Sunflower Cupcakes by Dancing Through the Rain 
Summer Sunshine Cupcakes by Busy Kids Happy Mom 
Happy Sunshine Cookies by Glorious Treats 
Sunshine Cookies by Kim & Carrie 

Send Some Sunshine in a Box by Salty Canary

Green & Healthy Sun Protection Guide by Creative Green Living

My Sunshine Lip Balm Gift by A Tried & True Blog

You Are My Sunshine Birthday Party by Aileen Cooks

Pretty lady displaying Cheery Sunshine Themed Ideas

Gift one giant sunflower and attach a note reading: “You are the sunshine of my life!”

I hope you’ll be able to be an encouragement and a blessing to someone today by incorporating a few of these Cheery Sunshine Themed Ideas! 


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