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Christmas KISSES Burlap Garland

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Christmas KISSES Burlap Garland 


Christmas is such a special time of year. The colorful twinkle lights are mesmerizing, the decorations are simply gorgeous, there’s food in abundance and it’s always fun spending time with family and friends.

Christmas is also the time to bring out all of the beautiful ornaments. Each year I try to add a few new pieces to our Christmas decor. Since I love the combination of burlap and lace, I decided that this year I wanted to make a Christmas KISSES Burlap Garland to hang on our tree. This garland comes together quickly and easily and you can customize it to be whatever length you want. It’s super cute on either a table top Christmas tree or full size Christmas tree. The added mini red bows and mini sleigh bells, along with HERSHEY’s KISSES make this garland so fun and festive! 

Christmas KISSES Garland SuppliesSupplies you will need (per 3 foot of burlap ribbon):

  • 3 feet burlap with lace ribbon
  • 12 mini red ribbons
  • 6 – 12 mini sleigh bells
  • 1 package HERSEHY’S KISSES 
  • 1 spool each 3/8″ wide (both red and green) wrapping ribbon 
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Thin crafting wire
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Here is how to make your own Christmas KISSES Burlap Garland: 


wire garland

Start by cutting a piece of crafting wire approximately 3 inches long. Measure 8 inches from the end of the burlap, wrap the piece of wire around the burlap and twist the wire together in the back several times. Clip off the excess ends of the wire and discard them. Gently press the twisted wire flat against the burlap. With a ruler, measure 8 inches from the wire and repeat the process down the entire length of the burlap ribbon. 

HERSHEY'S Christmas KISSES Garland Hot Glue Pics

Cut a 4 inch strip of red or green ribbon and carefully place a small dot of hot glue onto the burlap. Place one end of the ribbon on top of the dot of hot glue. (You can use the end of a toothpick to pat it down onto the hot glue). Allow the glue to cool for a minute, then carefully cut a “V” shape at the opposite end of the ribbon. Place a dot of hot glue on the very tip of three HERSHEY’S KISSES and attach them to the ribbon (starting just a little above the center of the ribbon).

HERSHEY'S Garland Close Up Bell

Place another dot of hot glue to the back of a mini sleigh bell (remove any string that may come attached to the bell first) and a mini red ribbon. Attach both to the garland above the HERSHEY’S KISSES. Repeat the process along the burlap, approximately every 8 inches. To give the garland more character, I alternated placing a mini sleigh bell every other time between the mini red ribbons. 

Christmas KISSES Burlap Garland

 I used a variety of wrapped HERSHEY’S Kisses on my garland; they were all wrapped in Christmas colors.  



4[1]You could also hang this Christmas KISSES Burlap Garland in a doorway, a mantle, drape it along a stairway, window, or at the foot of a bed-frame.  

 Merry Christmas!

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Thanks for sharing!

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