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4 Things that Made my 4th Pregnancy Better

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Pregnancy is difficult! I know! This is my fourth time being pregnant. And while I love my children and could snuggle a newborn all day long, being pregnant isn’t one of my favorite parts of mommy-hood. There are so many, many ailments and discomforts that accompany the sweet flutters. And since I’m in the midst of all these discomforts and not exactly “glowing” I thought I’d share with you some things that have made this fourth pregnancy a bit better than the previous three.


1. A Pregnancy Pillow

With my first pregnancy, I had no idea! No idea how hard sleeping would be! It is so uncomfortable to sleep when you are pregnant! I suffered through it by using several pillows tucked all around me. It was hot and hard to shift sleeping positions.

With my second pregnancy, I thought I would really spoil myself and went out and bought a body pillow! That was so much better! With my third pregnancy, I’d heard about body pillows designed specifically for pregnancy but thought my normal body pillow was good enough. I didn’t think the pregnancy one was worth the money.

Fast forward to fourth pregnancy. Husband buys the wife a Snoogle. Wife has the best night of sleep EVER! And not just one night, months worth of glorious, beautiful, comfortable, back soothing sleep! Wow! This is no normal body pillow! This is the ONLY pillow you need! No piles of regular, flat pillows tucked every direction taking up 83% of the bed. No more trying to shift and twist a body pillow to fit my pregnant body. The snoogle fits me perfectly. It fit even before I had a bump. Normally, I would never spend that much money on a pillow. But now that I have slept with one I definitely think it’s worth every cent! I highly recommend a pregnancy body pillow! I have several friends that still sleep with their snoogle post pregnancy (I can’t imagine giving mine up after delivery either).

2. Exercise

I am not one who loves exercise. I have never (and never plan on) running a marathon. That doesn’t sound fun to me, it sounds like torture. However, I know exercise and movement are good for me and the baby. As much as I HATE admitting it: I feel a lot better on the days I exercise versus the days I lay on the couch. This was especially true for me during the 1st trimester. My husband even got a few dirty looks from me when he pointed this out. But he was right. The days I was active didn’t bring near as many waves of nausea as the days where I did nothing.

There are two tools I have used to help me stay active this pregnancy. The first one is a Garmin Vivofit.  This is basically the exact same thing as a Fitbit. It keeps track of how many steps I take each day. I can set my own goals (10,000 steps a day). It syncs to my smartphone but I rarely do because the Vivofit displays everything for me (including date, time, steps, steps until a goal is reached, miles, and calories). It can also track my sleep patterns. This has been helpful for me so I know exactly how lazy or active I’ve been and if I need to get up off the couch! It’s also helped me be more productive around the house! “Oh my! I’ve only gone 3,000 steps today, I better go to the basement and do some laundry…that’ll get me several hundred steps in just a few minutes!” It’s like I’m in competition with myself.

Without a Vivofit, I would honestly sit a LOT more than I do. It really does motivate me to get up, walk, and be more active.

My second tool I use is an elliptical machine. I found a basic-not-fancy-what-so-ever elliptical for $15 at a yard sale last summer. I was really hoping it would be something I would use and not just sit in the basement collecting dust. Because of my Vivofit and my 10,000 step daily goal  I use my elliptical often! If I put on some upbeat music I can get close to 1,000 steps in one song. Usually, I’ll spend 10 minutes or so 2-3 times a day on my elliptical. It’s not a lot but it’s enough to help me reach my goal, get my heartbeat up, and help me feel better. Even in my third trimester my elliptical still feels comfortable to jog on and is not too vigorous.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil  is my favorite of all the essential oils! I use it the most often for the most variety of uses. My favorite use for it is to help me fall asleep. Yes, we are back on the topic of sleep. Pregnancy makes you exhausted and when you try to rest you can’t fall asleep! It’s really not fair. I don’t use it every night but on the particular nights when insomnia hits hard lavender oil is always on my nightstand waiting to lull me to sleep. It’s no wonder they make baby lotion with a lavender scent.

4. Magnesium Oil

Last fall, I read this post by mommypotamus.com. Before I say anything else about the post she wrote, let me say that I LOVE mommpotamus! She is by far one my favorite bloggers. I’ve read almost all of her blog posts. So when she wrote this post about magnesium oil claiming that it would take away morning sickness I was all on board and willing to try! I bought a bottle off of Amazon and started using it right away. Several months later I was pregnant and sick! What! It didn’t work! I was disappointed.

But I didn’t stop using the Magnesium Oil. I noticed that it prevented my legs from getting restless. When I am pregnant I get Restless Leg Syndrome bad! It runs in my family and it’s genetic so I’m sure as I get older it will only get worse. But when I am pregnant it is horrible in the evenings. I survived my last three pregnancies by taking a hot shower right before bed which seemed to help a little bit. Sometimes I would even have to get up in the middle of the night and take a hot shower to help me fall back to sleep. I haven’t had that issue ONCE since I’ve used magnesium oil. I have woken in the middle of the night and reapplied the oil but that’s it. I have used magnesium oil at least once a day every single day (I take it with me on vacation) since last November and I still haven’t gone through a whole bottle. So if you’re hesitant– it lasts a long time and you’ll get your money’s worth! I don’t know why it works–I just know it does work!

Disclaimer: These are all my personal experiences. I am NOT a doctor. Please consult with your doctor before changing anything about your prenatal care. Please read our medical disclaimer. 

What are your favorite things for pregnancy?


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  • Sari May 26, 2016, 9:05 am
    I loved your post but so far I could only get halfway through it. After I leave this comment I am going to attempt to read the rest. But! I have to tell you, somehow I wound up on a mattress website three different times and then a Palmolive website and I swear I didn't click any ads. I have no idea how it keeps happening, but I would have left the site if I hadn't wanted to read what you wrote so badly! I just bought a domain and am starting a blog soon and I'm hoping my ADs don't do the same thing to visitors!
    • Blessed Beyond Crazy May 26, 2016, 9:31 am
      Hi Sari, I'm sorry that happened to you. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I will be in contact with our advertisers to look into this. Could you please let me know if you were on a desktop or mobile device? Thank you, Anna

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