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Unique Ways to Display Photos Without Having to Buy a Frame

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Use your imagination to create Unique Ways to Display Photos Without Having to Buy a Frame!

I love displaying photographs all over my home. I love to be reminded of sweet memories and see my children captured at different ages. With four kids and eight years of marriage, I have a LOT of photos I like to display.

When it comes to how to display our photos there is the classic frame and collage of frames, but that isn’t exactly unique. Also, frames can take up a lot of wall space–limiting the number of photos I can display at one time.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to display pictures besides the traditional picture frame.

Unique Ways to Display Photos 2

Parties are a fun way to display photographs. One creative way is by hanging an umbrella from the ceiling. Then have a string hanging off the umbrella and clip photos to the string of the bride and groom. Or if it’s a baby shower clip baby photos of the mom and dad or the guests to the string. It could be a fun game to guess who the photo is and it also serves as a decoration.

Unique Ways to Display Photos 1

Hang clipboards on your walls and then clip photographs to the board. This would make it super easy and fast to swap out pictures. This is also a great way to display a child’s artwork. Have a bunch of clipboards cover a whole wall for a collage. Place a clipboard above a coat rack and clip that year’s school photo to the board so each child has a place for their backpack, coat, shoes, etc.

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Have fun creating your very own unique, fun and inspirational photo display!



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