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6 Tips to Prevent the Freshmen 15

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So you’ve just graduated high school and you’re heading off to college to start a new school year. Congratulations! It truly is an exciting time of your life! By living in a dorm room you’ll not only make lifetime memories but you’ll also make lifetime friends! Living in a dorm room can be a lot of fun! But if you’re not careful you could find yourself forming some unhealthy habits and fall victim to gaining the Freshmen 15. And who wants to gain a bunch of weight their very first year of college?

Now is always the perfect time to start forming healthy habits and keeping (or getting) your body healthy. Being prepared is always best, so as you head off to college in the fall be sure to keep these 6 Tips to Prevent the Freshmen 15 in mind. 

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#1 Drink Lots of Water

When you move into a dorm room you are making a huge shopping list. Don’t forget a and a water bottle. This is something that is easily forgotten when you’re shopping for your dorm room. A pitcher and refillable water bottle will save you money by not having to always buy water bottles (not to mention better for the environment). Drinking plenty of water is essential for a healthy lifestyle and can help you lose weight.

#2 Sleep

Once you start college you will be tempted to pull all night-ers–either because you need to study/do homework or because you don’t want to miss out on all the fun. Either way–don’t! Try your best to manage your time well so you always have enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep can cause you to gain weight AND feel more stressed out.

#3 Stock Your Dorm

Avoid gaining weight by setting yourself up for success from the very beginning. Stock a with healthy food and snacks like fruits and veggies. You can even get a so you can cook your own healthy meals in your own room.

You might want to consider getting your own . Caffeine is a necessity in college and making your own will save you money and have fewer calories than a frappe from a drive through. You can also use a coffee maker to make hot water for tea.

#4 Have Cute Workout Clothes

Having cute workout clothes might make you more likely to work out. Anything to help get you motivated! Okay, maybe wearing work out clothes won’t actually make you work out but not having any work out clothes at all will make it more difficult to hit the gym. Also, make sure you have a good pair of tennis shoes!

#5 Walk

There is a lot of sitting in college: sitting in class, sitting while studying, sitting while typing papers. Chances are you will be walking to all your classes. Which is great! Walking is great exercise and can really help you stay in shape. But even if you brought a car with you to campus consider walking to near-by places as often as possible. Most campuses have beautiful views to enjoy so take advantage of the landscape by walking everywhere.

#6 Utilize the Gym

Most college campuses have a gym or fitness center that you are free to use whenever you want. To help you stay motivated, find a work-out buddy or two and utilize the gym facilitates. Together you can encourage each other to stay motivated.

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Have a great Freshman year!!!




Thanks for sharing!

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