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The Beginner’s Guide to Composting

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Composting is a great way to use kitchen and yard scraps to make your soil more fertile. Experienced gardeners know just how important it is to have healthy soil, because not only will your produce survive, but you will also enjoy a larger yield.

Having the right gardening supplies can make a significant difference in how your garden turns out and can save you time by making gardening maintenance easier. Using a compost pile or bin can help you to keep your garden healthy by providing nutrient-rich soil.

To begin composting, you’ll want to designate a specific bucket or bowl in your kitchen specifically for collecting kitchen scraps. I would suggest finding a container that has a lid in case your compost has an odor.

Now that you have your composting bins and scraps, you are ready to start making compost! You will want both kitchen scraps and yard waste materials in your compost pile, making sure to place your outdoor compost container in a warm sunny area since heat is a necessary part of the composting process.

The Beginner's Guide to Composting

You will also want to keep your compost moist. If your compost does not naturally stay moist from rain, then use a garden hose to wet down your compost as often as needed. Even though you want it to stay moist, you should avoid having any standing water in your container.

It will take about six weeks for your kitchen scraps and yard waste to decompose into rich, black dirt. Once your compost has turned into black, crumbly dirt, you are ready to start adding it in your garden and with your houseplants.

The Beginner's Guide to Composting

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Gardening can be very rewarding in a variety of ways. It can provide exercise, fresh produce, and a free food supply. It also provides an opportunity to preserve food for use later. Composting also helps recycle food waste, helps the environment, and provides rich soil for any gardening projects.

Happy composting!


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