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The Ultimate List of Secret Santa Gift Ideas

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Secret Santa

Secret Santas are a fun way to have a gift exchange between a large group of people without having to buy a gift for everyone in the group. It’s also a perfect way to celebrate Christmas between friends, coworkers, and large families.

Secret Santa

A Secret Santa usually gives a few small gifts to one person in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Since names are drawn at random you might end up selecting a person that you don’t know very well. It can be tricky to find gifts that the other person will truly enjoy.

I have compiled this list of gift ideas that includes something for everyone!

As an added bonus, almost all of these suggested gifts are small in size and inexpensive, making them perfect stocking stuffers as well!

Something for the Kitchen

Giving someone a gift for their kitchen is not only fun but also practical!

  • Soup Ladle–This might seem a little too practical, but try giving someone a Lock Ness Monster soup ladle and see how quickly they smile!
  • Oven Mitts— Again, very practical! But a cute pair of oven mitts will make any kitchen brighter.
  • Coffee Cup–for the Coffee lovers–they can never have too many!
  • Loose Tea Infuser–So many cute options! Whoever thought a tea infuser could reflect a personality?
  • Kitchen Timer— I bet you’ve never heard someone say “Awww” after receiving a kitchen timer before.
  • Meat Thermometer— If you know someone who loves to grill then they HAVE to have one of these. It takes all the guesswork out of cooking so you know your food is done and safe but not overcooked!

Something Pretty

Give the gift of glamour! Nail polish and candles might not be practical but they sure are fun!

  • Mascara is one of the few types of makeup you can give to a woman without having to worry about buying the right color.
  • Nail polish
  • Hand Lotion–Lotion can make a world of difference with the cold dry air during winter.
  • Perfume or Cologne
  • Body Wash— Everybody uses body wash so give some that smell amazing for an extra treat!
  • Candles
  • A Christmas Ornament to add their tree — even better if it reflects their personality or hobbies.
  • Homemade Soap — this links to my awesome recipe (with super detailed instructions) for homemade coffee soap!

Something to Eat

Everyone has to eat so you might as well make it enjoyable! Giving someone some home-baked goodies shows thoughtfulness. Or buy someone their favorite type of coffee, tea, or chocolate and you know it will be a gift they love.

Click for a list of all our favorite homemade cookie recipes!

Something to Wear

It can be a chore getting all bundled up for winter weather. Having a new scarf, gloves, or hat can make the wind feel a little less brutal. secret santa gift idea

  • Scarf
  • Socks–Christmas socks would make this a fun gift to give!
  • Gloves and a Hat
  • CuffLinks and/or Tie Clip–For the man who has to wear a suit and tie to work, make his next Monday a bit brighter with a new set of cufflinks or tie clip.
  • Neck Tie
  • Wrist Watch–Not only will they be on time but they will look amazing!

Something Green

A plant can be a welcome sight in the cold of winter. These three ideas are difficult to kill so anyone can enjoy them even if their thumb isn’t green.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Cactus
  • Succulents

Something Random

Here is to a very Merry Christmas!


Thanks for sharing!

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