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Take Your Relationship from Nice to Naughty This Christmas

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Feeling a little adventurous this Christmas? Here’s a fun post on How to Take Your Relationship from Nice to Naughty this Christmas!

Naughty or Nice List christmas

Each year when the holidays roll around, Santa’s Naughty or Nice list always seems to be mentioned. This year, have some fun and take it up a (playful) notch with your special someone. 

Naughty or Nice Stocking christmas

What will you find in your stocking this year? Guess you’ll have to play the Naughty or Nice Stocking Stuffer Game to find out!

RULES: Each player will need two different stockings. One stocking will be the “Nice” stocking filled with “Nice” gifts. The other stocking will represent the “Naughty” stocking and be filled with “Naughty” gifts. 

Naughty or Nice List 5

You’ll need twelve 3 x 5 index cards. Each person writes down 6 “nice” acts of kindness and 6 “naughty” acts (write down one act on each card). Fold and place the cards into two separate jars – one labeled the “Nice” jar and one labeled the “Naughty” jar. 

Each day players take turns pulling out one index card from either the “Nice” jar or “Naughty” jar. Each player secretly reads what is written on the card. This becomes your mission for the day. Either one act of kindness or one naughty act must be performed by each player every day during the 12 days leading up to Christmas. 

Nice to Naughty Note

Together, the players also draw one gift every day from the corresponding “Nice” or “Naughty” stocking and open the gifts. If you draw from the “Naughty” jar, you open a “Naughty” gift and vice versa. 

naught or nice christmas gifts

 Here are a few Christmas stocking stuffer ideas.

  1. naughty or nice nail polish
  2. ear buds
  3. bath bombs
  4. fingernail files
  5. naughty or nice phone case
  6. batteries
  7. naughty or nice tee
  8. key ring
  9. naughty or nice candy
  10. mini flashlight 
  11. naughty or nice coffee mug
  12. bracelet charms
  13. naughty or nice pillow cases
  14. bottle cozy
  15. naughty or nice ornaments
  16. photo props
  17. naughty or nice jewelry
  18. wine charms
  19. naughty or nice apron
  20. insulated travel mug
Naughty or Nice List 6 christmas

Naughty or Nice Group Game

This year, consider hosting a Naughty or Nice Gift Exchange. Ask each person to bring one wrapped gift that is considered to be either a “naughty” or a “nice” gift. Rules for the game are the same as for a White Elephant Gift Exchange. See the official rules HERE.

Naughty gifts – could range from lingerie, body lotions, a flask, a “Naughty or Nice” throw pillow, handcuffs, a bottle of wine, scented candles, lottery tickets, chocolates, Santa cosplay costume, etc… 

Nice gifts – could include movie tickets, gift cards, books, slippers, a scarf, gloves, a candy dish, socks, a men’s tie, a mouse pad, kitchen towels, oven or grill mitt, welcome mat, coasters, wine bottle labels, etc…

Nice to Naughty

Use your imagination and invent your own version of a Naughty or Nice game.


Have fun and Merry Christmas!


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