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Fall Decor Ideas

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Decorating for the different seasons can be fun. Fall decor is one of my favorites!

fall wreath_edited-1 A few years ago I purchased a cute fall wreath. I just love it because it is small and fits well on our front door. I hung it outside for this picture because the lighting is better and I really wanted you to see the vibrant colors. See the cute little scarecrow hiding? There are also cute little pumpkins, gourds and acorns scattered within this wreath as well.
fall wreath with scarcrowThis year I made a new DIY Fall Burlap Wreath for our home. It is a large wreath and is a great way to help fill up an empty space on a larger wall we have in our kitchen. (You will see it in another picture later in this post). Again, I hung this wreath outside for lighting purposes for this photo.

fall wreath19 pumpkin decorations I love cute scarecrows, owls, pumpkins and Indian corn…..thus a fun little ‘pumpkin patch’ was born! This fun display welcomes our guest to our home.autumn decorations

Right inside our front door we have a pumpkin ‘Welcome’ sign made from tin. I did not make this, however if you are crafty I am sure that someone could.

autumn decorations

This ‘Bless this HOME’ mesh pumpkin and fall flower display sets on top of my piano. See that doily? My Mother crocheted that for me years ago and I still use it to this day!
fall decoration Next, we have a fun little fall display on our kitchen counter-top. Those are not real apples but they sure look real. (Notice the scarecrows???)

autumn decorations

Crackle candle holders, little pumpkins and Indian corn adorn our kitchen table and make for a beautiful fall tablescape.

autumn decorations

(Notice the Burlap Wreath hanging on the wall? That’s the wreath I mentioned earlier in this post).

autumn decorations
I love these pretty candle holders. I’ve placed scented candles inside that have a delicious cinnamon spice scent and they make the whole house smell deliciously wonderful! I really wish that you could see these flickering candles at night and smell the lovely aroma from the candles. (Sigh). It’s a beautiful experience.
fall sign 3The most recent of my very own creations is a DIY Fall Sign. This was super fun to make and I love having the option to hang it on the wall or set it on a table or shelf.

How do you decorate your home for fall?



Thanks for sharing!

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