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Clever Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun and laid-back holiday! There aren’t any gifts to give. There isn’t a huge meal to prepare. You can make any food you want (just be sure to add a touch of green along the way). 

Really… all that is required is that you wear green!

If you want to stand out, or just avoid getting pinched, then the following ideas will work for you!

Clever Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

Green Bling

Even though St. Patrick’s Day isn’t necessarily a gift-giving holiday, green jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any lady in your life! 

Wearing green jewelry can be a lot of fun because it stands out and is unique. Plus, you can be as flashy or as subtle as you’d like, simply by accessorizing with jewelry! 

Clever Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

Polish it Off

There are many different ways to implement green into St. Patrick’s Day. Yet another great way to wear green is by giving your nails a coat of green! With green nails, there’s no need to worry about wearing any other green. Simple, cute and easy to do.

Clever Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

Kickin’ It Up a Notch

Have you thought about wearing a pair of green shoes? Think of a bright neon green pair of tennis shoes or perhaps a more subtle pair of hunter green hiking boots.

Whether it’s high heels, flats, tennis shoes, boots, wearing green shoes is a fun way to add that touch of green! 

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Have fun!  


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