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10 Pieces of Ultralight Backpacking and Camping Gear You’ll Love

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Although you do need basic components when exploring the great outdoors, investing in ultralight backpacking and camping gear allows you to carry more essentials without adding a lot of additional weight. 

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Happy campers enjoying their ultralight backpacking and camping gear

If you love hiking and camping then you know first-hand how relaxing it can be. It’s certainly a good way to relax, decompress, and spend time with nature. One sure way to dampen your excursion is to load yourself down with a bunch of heavy items to carry. Rather than exhausting yourself before you even arrive at your destination, consider investing in ultralight backpacking and camping gear.

Campers enjoying their ultralight tent

Ultralight Backpacking Tent

An ultralight backpacking tent is specifically designed for typical hikes and/or thru-hikes. Ultralight tents allow you to push your limits while providing you protection for a good night of rest. These compact tents are easy to set up and usually weigh between two to five pounds. **After you return home, let the kids have fun by camping out in the backyard! 

Campers resting in ultralight sleeping hammock tents

Ultralight Hammock Tent

An ultralight hammock tent is a great alternative to a traditional tent, especially if you don’t enjoy sleeping on the ground. Hammock tents come with a built-in mosquito/bug net which helps protect against pesky insects while you sleep (should you decide you need it). Most ultralight hammock tents weigh a mere two to three pounds and are small enough to fit inside a coat pocket.

Relaxing in a hommock tent

**Another great feature is that you can take a hammock tent wherever you go and enjoy a relaxing afternoon nap.  Zzzzzzzzzzz

Hikers enjoying ultralight backpacking and camping gear

Ultralight Backpack

Ultralight backpack really is an essential item when hiking long distances. Since you’ll be carrying necessities such as food and water it’s important that your backpack itself be lightweight, durable, and roomy. 

Camper shining ultralight flashlight at night

Ultralight Lighting

It’s plain common sense that any hiker or camper should have at least one high-quality flashlight with them at all times. Naturally, a waterproof, impact resistant and ultralight flashlight (with different light modes) is preferable. 

A headlamp flashlight is yet another good ultralight weight lighting option and provides hands-free illumination which can be crucial in an emergency situation.

Sleeping campers sleeping with ultralight backpacking and camping gear

Ultralight Sleeping Bag and Sleep Pad

Although sleeping bags generally do not weigh much, they sure can take up valuable packing space. Therefore, a compact, waterproof, weatherproof, and ultralight sleeping bag is just what you need when camping. Ultralight sleeping bags can generally be rolled-up and compressed down to the size of a small standard-sized water bottle and weigh somewhere around two pounds. 

Add an additional layer of comfort to your sleeping bag with a soft, durable, and ultralight sleeping pad

Ultralight First Aid Kit

An injury can quickly put an end to a fun outdoor hiking/camping trip. It’s important to take along a few basic medical supplies because unexpected accidents do happen. In the end, you may be very thankful that you packed a small ultralight first aid kit

Ultralight Water Filter

Everyone knows that it’s important to stay well hydrated, especially during high physical activity, but did you know that a natural water source is often teaming with waterborne bacteria and parasites?  A lightweight water purifier straw is the answer to this dilemma. Weighing in at a few mere ounces, this type of straw can filter up to 1,000 gallons of water and filters out 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and parasites. It’s definitely worth the money! 

Ultralight Cookware & Stoves

There’s no need to miss a good homecooked meal while enjoying the great outdoors because thankfully, there is such a thing as ultralight camping cookware and ultralight portable stoves. These items are made specifically for hiking/camping and are compact, convenient, and lightweight. 

Campers using a variety of Ultralight Backpacking and Camping Gear

Ultralight Folding Chairs

Take a load off no matter where you end up with portable, durable, and ultralight folding chairs. But don’t stop there! These foldable, lightweight chairs are also perfect for tailgating, picnics, concerts, sporting event, and even when going to the beach. (Psst.. great gift idea!) 

Peaceful hiker using ultralight backpacking and camping gear

Ultralight Raincoat

It’s always a good idea to take along an ultralight raincoat to protect you from unforeseen inclement weather. This piece of ultralight backpacking and camping gear can easily be rolled up and tucked away which makes it easy to pack inside a suitcase, handbag, or workout duffel bag. 

When does your next adventure begin? 


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