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Trick-Or-Treat Safety Tips You Haven’t Thought of Before

Halloween is a lot of fun! It’s especially fun for the kids. Why? Candy! Obviously!

Whenever kids are involved in any holiday activity, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make sure they are (and stay) safe. An injury can quickly take the fun out of any holiday!

I’m sure that you are aware of the obvious safety tips for kids during Halloween, such as making sure there is always an adult nearby, not trick-or-treating in unfamiliar neighborhoods, and not eating anything that looks tampered with. However, there are some particular safety tips that most people don’t think of.

Since my husband is a paramedic, he is always thinking “outside-the-box” when it comes to our children’s safety. After all, he routinely deals with trauma and injuries on the job. Consequently, he has some great Halloween safety tips that most people would never think of. The following tips are things that all parents should consider when preparing for trick-or-treating.

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Smell my feet…

When trick-or-treating, your children will probably be walking in areas that are not entirely familiar to them. These areas may be poorly lit, the walking surface may be uneven and there may be traffic driving by.

There are many great safety tips when it comes to your children trick-or-treating.

If you are staying home and handing out candy, there are a few ways to ensure that all the trick-or-treaters that come to your door stay safe.

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Happy Halloween!!!


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