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Sunshine Cake

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Sunshine Cake

This sunshine cake is ridiculously easy to make! It looks so fancy and complicated but it is actually made from a box mix and only takes minutes to get in the oven! 

The cake is super moist and the frosting is decadent! 

This cake is one my husband’s favorite desserts! He can easily eat the whole thing by himself (thankfully, he never gets a chance because everyone else devours it too!). In the past few years my husband has discovered that he has a gluten intolerance. So I’ve taken our traditional Sunshine Cake recipe and made it gluten free. Turns out it is just as simple and easy as the normal recipe. 

Whether you are following a gluten free diet or not you can enjoy this simple, yet elegant cake!

Sunshine Cake 2

It’s all about the presentation! Whenever you spend time cooking you want your food to look appetizing.
Thankfully, cakes are easy to present! Simply place it on a pretty cake stand and done! 

So simple. So easy. So Pretty! 

This cake is would make a great dessert for any occasion: Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Birthday Party, or any other time where dessert is eaten (A.K.A. every day!!).

Find the recipe HERE!

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