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Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Most people consider their pet(s) to be just another member of the family. Although we love our animals, keeping our homes smelling clean and fresh can be a challenge. No matter how often we groom our pets, sometimes accidents happen. Whether they soil in the house, drag dirt and mud in, or roll in something stinky, there are ways to reduce pet odor.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

One of the most common issues with pets living in our homes are those dirty pet paws which smoosh dirt and grime onto carpets, rugs and furniture. 

There are many great lifting agent products on the market that can help. Many of them incorporate a powder that helps loosen the dirt’s grip on your carpet fibers so that a vacuum picks up more of the mess.

One easy way to keep pets from stinking up the place is to bathe them. (Since cats like to regularly bathe themselves, they tend not to stink). However, be careful to not bathe your pet too much. Bathing will strip the healthy oils from his fur and skin. These oils help repel dirt and water. Bathing too often can make his skin dry, itchy and irritated, which leads to a lot of scratching and possible infection.

We love our pets and want them to be happy, comfortable, safe and feel loved. We also want our homes to be comfortable, clean and inviting, not only for ourselves but any guest that may visit. With just a little bit of effort and a few essential tools, we can have the best of both worlds!

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