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Fun Soup Theme DIY Gift Idea

You do not need to spend a lot of money to create a truly awesome, fun, neat DIY gift. With just a little money, a little time and a little creativity you can make a fun Soup Theme DIY gift as well.

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bridal gift

Here’s how:


First of all, I wanted to create a DIY gift that was fun, unique and practical for an upcoming wedding. Therefore I put my “creative cap” on and went shopping. I purchased:

bridal gift


Assembling it was the fun part! The beautiful white tablecloth I purchased for $5, was carefully taken out of its packaging and unfolded it. (Love the lacy pattern in the center and around the edges.) No need to iron the tablecloth because I am actually using it as the wrapping paper.

bridal gift

I loved the idea of the different colored soup bowls and was fortunate to find towels that matched the different colors. Each soup bowl was carefully wrapped in a pretty towel, then the ends were drawn-up and secured with a rubber band around the top.

shower gift

I wrapped the soup bowls with a pretty colored towel.

The next step was to place a hot pad was placed at the very bottom of the stockpot.

bridal shower giftBecause I didn’t want the bowls to break, I placed three of the wrapped soup bowls on their sides and around the bottom of the stockpot.

bridal shower gift

Place the wrapped soup bowls around the bottom of the stockpot.

Next, I placed the second hot pad on top of the soup bowls and place the remaining soup bowl on top of the hot pad. I also gently inserted the soup ladle, along with the stockpot lid.

bridal gift
For a little added personal touch, I added a handwritten recipe for Cheeseburger Soup. I also placed that in the top of the stockpot.

bridal gift

The final touch was to wrap the entire gift inside the white tablecloth with an added ribbon. I gathered the tablecloth at the top and secured it in place with rubber bands. You could use a smaller tablecloth and wrap a bow around the top instead.

bridal gift

The stock pot gift all wrapped up in the round white tablecloth.

Finally, you can make this a sports-themed gift by using sports-related items such as a favorite teams towels or these neat NFL Pittsburgh Steelers 23-Ounce Sculpted Gametime Bowl. In addition, if you like the bowls I used you can find them here Handled Stoneware Soup Mugs.

bridal gift

The gift table at the wedding reception.

There ya go! I had fun putting this all together and it was easy!

Do you have an idea for a creative DIY gift?


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