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Mini Cast Iron Skillet Fruit Pies

This post was written as part of my collaboration with ebay.

These Easy Mini Cast Iron Skillet Fruit Pies take eating dessert to a whole new level!

Mini cast iron skillets can be used for all sorts of meals. Everything from breakfast, to appetizers/dips, breads, main meals and even desserts. Using mini cast iron skillets make for a great rustic presentation.

It this post, I share how to make 6 Easy Mini Cast Iron Skillet Fruit Pies!

Each recipe starts with:

  • A no-fail pie crust recipe
  • A basic fruit filling
  • Spices – depends on the fruit used in the pie
  • All pie toppings are interchangeable

Easy, No-Fail Pie Crust

Skillet Fruit Pies 7

This easy, no-fail pie crust recipe works great either rolled out or simply patted into a pie pan or skillet. There’s no need to worry about mess-ups either. Simply roll the dough back into a ball and re-roll it. Easy peasy!

Skillet Fruit Pies 3

Apple pie is always a fall favorite!

Skillet Fruit Pies 2

Who can resist a yummy peach pie?

Skillet Fruit Pies 4

Blueberry is yet another personal favorite.

Skillet Fruit Pies 6

Rock the house with a tasty cherry pie.

Skillet Fruit Pies 5

Don’t forget about delicious blackberry pie!

Skillet Fruit Pies 1

Apricots are especially scrumptious in a pie.

Each of the pies pictured above is equally delicious!!! I recommend making one of each and invite your friends and family over  for a “Taste Testing Party!” *Be sure to have some vanilla bean ice cream on hand too!

See how to make Easy Mini Cast Iron Skillet Pies – HERE

Let me know which is your favorite pie! 



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