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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

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Okay, so your child doesn’t want to eat vegetables. Now, what? Let’s look at a few tips that may actually help your child crave veggies. Here’s How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables! 

You’ve probably heard it said a million times: kids are like sponges. Children watch their parents, even when parents think they aren’t paying any attention. Not only are children observant, they usually mimic their parents’ mannerisms and their likes and dislikes.

This is especially true when it comes to mealtime. It’s awfully hard to tell your child to eat their broccoli if you, as their parent, do not eat broccoli. It goes back to the saying, “Do as I say, not as I do” and that never seems to work well.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

Who says that mealtime has to be boring? One of the tricks to get kids to eat their vegetables is to make mealtime fun and engaging. Food presentation really is important.

Recently I wrote a blog post called 12 Cute Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids. It has been a huge hit on Pinterest and other social media sites. Why? Because it’s all about being creative and enticing kids to enjoy eating their food.

Consider turning vegetables into darling animal figures. A cute dog (as shown in the picture above) can be made by using a variety of fresh vegetables. Plus, it’s the perfect finger food for little ones! Kids will giggle while they munch on the doggie’s tail or ears. You can also encourage them even more by asking which body part they will eat next.

Normally vegetables lose out to other foods that may not be as healthy. Children will usually pick foods such as chips, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and French fries over vegetables any day of the week. Therefore help kids make the right choices by serving vegetables by themselves before any other food is on the table. Since they will be hungriest at the beginning of the meal, they will be more apt to eat more veggies.

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Here’s to having healthy meals and healthy children! 


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