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DIY Burlap and Lace Wreath

I have always loved a pretty wreath. A wreath can add a lovely seasonal touch to any decor.

Throughout my life, I have made numerous wreaths and my favorite wreaths are the ones that I have made from burlap

Burlap Wreath 28

If you have been following our blog, you will remember that I made a DIY Fall Burlap Wreath and a DIY Patriot Burlap Wreath for our home last year. Out of all the wreaths I have ever made, these burlap wreaths have been my favorites… that is, until now.  Now, my all-time favorite is this romantic DIY Burlap and Lace wreath I made for Valentine’s Day this year. 

It really is easy to make a burlap and lace wreath. It simply takes a few materials and some time.

Burlap Wreath 1

Whenever I have a craft project in mind, I keep a look-out for sale items and use coupons whenever I can to help keep the cost down. This project is no exception. I gathered my supplies from various craft supply stores and found most of the items on sale for 50% off! I also had a coupon for 40% off on several items. Score for Linda!!!

For this wreath I used an 18 inch Wire Wreath, 10 scans of 2 1/2″ wide burlap with lace overlay, 1 scan of 2 1/2″ wide x 30′ mauve Wedding Ribbon, 1 scan of 1 1/2″ wide x 4 yards Valentine heart ribbon, 1 scan 0.375″ x 12′ Valentine’s Day ribbon, a half string of 24′ faux white pearls, some floral wire and hot glue.  My total cost to make this wreath was just shy of $45.00–which is a LOT cheaper than if I had bought this pre-made! 

Burlap Wreath 2

Make a loop with the burlap, gather it at the bottom and wrap/twist a small piece of craft wire around the bottom to hold it securely in place.

Start by making a loop in the burlap by folding over the end, gathering it at the bottom and wrapping/twisting a piece of wire around it.  Each loop is made with approximately 6″ of burlap. 

Burlap Wreath 3

Wrap each end of the wire around the frame and twist the ends together to secure the burlap loop to the frame.

Now take the ends of the wire and wrap/twist them around the floral wire frame. I start on one side of the frame and work the loops of burlap back and forth across the frame. This helps the wreath to look nice and full. 

Burlap Wreath 6

Almost finished attaching the burlap ribbon to the frame. I am working back and forth across the frame with the burlap loops to give the wreath a “full” appearance.

 Keep attaching the gathered burlap to the frame until it is completely covered.  

Burlap Wreath 8

The entire framework is now covered with the loops of burlap.

I made a wire loop so that I could easily hang the wreath from a hook on the wall or from a wreath hanger on a door.

Burlap Wreath 17

I made a wire hook by wrapping several loops of wire together and twisting it around the frame.

 After the frame was entirely covered with burlap, I now attached one end of the mauve wedding ribbon to the frame using the same process as for the burlap.

Burlap Wreath 14

I attached one end of the mauve wedding ribbon to the frame.

  Once the end of the ribbon was secure, I began to weave the ribbon in and out of the burlap.  

Burlap Wreath 31

Weaving the ribbon in-between the burlap loops.

This process took a little time to do because I did not want to cut the ribbon but simply “feed” it through the burlap loops and frame.

Burlap Wreath 13

Working on “feeding” the ribbon through the burlap loops and frame.


This is what the back of the wreath looks after adding the mauve wedding ribbon.

I flipped the wreath over so that you could see the back of the wreath. This is what the back looks like after I wove the mauve wedding ribbon throughout the wreath.

After the mauve ribbon was fed through I did the exact same process with the string of faux pearls. I tried to strategically place large loops of pearls throughout the wreath. I was careful not to pull the pearls to taunt because I wanted them to drape across the entire wreath. 

Burlap Wreath 18

The addition of the mauve ribbon and the faux pearls helps to add a romantic touch to the wreath.

 To turn this wreath into a wreath for Valentine’s Day I added loops of Valentine’s ribbons.  

Burlap Wreath 21

I made a dozen loops with Valentine’s Day ribbon and strategically wired them throughout the wreath.

 I carefully and strategically added the ribbon to the frame, (just like I did the burlap.) 

Burlap Wreath 23

I hot glued stripes of thin Valentine’s Day ribbon to a few burlap loops throughout the wreath.

For the final touch, I cut strips of the thin Valentine’s Day ribbon and hot glued them to a few loops of the burlap.

Burlap Wreath 25

Burlap Wreath 26I just love the romantic flair of this wreath. 

Burlap Wreath 30Since this wreath is made from burlap and ribbon, I would not recommend displaying it outside. For lighting purposes only, I did hang the wreath outside for these photos. 

Burlap and Lace Wreath (1)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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